Remote Control. Remote desktop access software.

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Setting up the server side.

On the computer on which you wish to remotely access, run Remote Desktop Server (RemoteDesktop.exe).

The server can operate in two modes:

  • Accept incoming connections from the client.
  • Periodically try to establish a connection to the remote client.

At the top of the window displays information about the current mode and status of the server. If your computer has a static external IP address, the server is configured to operate in a mode to receive incoming connections. Set active flag Accept incoming connections on port: Enter the port number (default = 8328).

AutoRun If you want the program to start automatically when you start Windows, check the AutoRun

Show in tray Setting this flag allows the placement of program icons in the system tray. If not checked, then hide the window, the program will remain invisible to the user's remote computer. In this case, in order to activate the window should be re-run to execute RemoteDesktop.exe. Because allowed to work only one copy of the program will be activated is already running.

  • To take effect, click Apply
  • To hide the program window and continue working, click Hide or ESC.
  • To complete the program, click Exit

If the remote computer does not have an external IP address but this address is the customer's computer, the server is configured in the mode of initiator compound. Checkbox: Try to establish a connection every time (in seconds) between attempts to establish a connection.

Below, enter the address of the remote client in the format [Host]: [Port] for example After applying this configuration may take a few seconds before the window server status message type Connecting to: Attempt: 1 Connection error: {10060} A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. Attempt: [Number] will increase indicating that the server is trying to establish a connection.

If the IP address of the remote client not known in advance, but you control it, set the flag Get client address from URL. Instead of a customer's address specify the address of the web page (including http://) which you can later edit. The server will periodically read this ASCII file, taken from his first line and interpret it as the address of the remote client.

To protect your computer from unauthorized access, set the password.

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