RS232 software.

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RS-232 Monitor allow to reseive data from serial port and view it in ASCII TEXT, BINARY, DECIMAL, HEXADECIMAL, FLOAT (IEEE754) format.
RS232 Monitor screen settings
Additionals features:
Set font and background color of main window.
Set number of rows. RS232 Monitor will shift up all rows when the last row is full.
The number of Columns is a number of data units in the row.
Data unit is a sequence of received bytes (1-4 specified in Length field), which is interpreted according to specified Format.
To save formatted data to a file, set the flag Save to file.

Available formats are TEXT, HEX, BIN, DEC, FLOAT.
For Text and FLOAT formats Unit Length setting is ignored because
for TEXT: Unit Length is always 1.
for FLOAT: Unit Length is always=4.
RS232 Monitor can also show data as Terminal. If you need to use TEXT format with variable row length depending on input stream set Columns=0; RS232 Monitor will interpret 0D(hex) as new line command and ignore all 0A(hex).
Use reverse bytes flag to manage byte order. Big Endian or NOT. (Intel or Motorola).

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